Welcome to Karma Kosmetics, where we take pride in making all natural products. We are very adamant about slowing down, taking care of ourselves and the environment.
Karma Kosmetics was born from the desire to make skincare products & home  essentials safier for the skin and environment. The founder Victoria started making products in her apartment while finishing school and taking courses in making and formulating natural products, trying to find remedies to ease her daughters skin condition, Eczema & Psoriasis.
After learning about the toxic effects, our everyday products can have on our skin, home, health, and environment.
She started making her own eczema creams, skin products, home essentials and many more items.
A business was born from slow, steady grind and lots of long nights, tears and headaches.
Each of our products are crafted by hand with love and intention to enhance your life to become more conscious and comfortable with natural products. Each item is healthy for the body, home and Mother Earth!